A Few Tips For Potty Training Boys

Last Updated on July 16, 2020

As a parent, you may have already noticed that there are quite some differences in the way you raised your daughter and son. Not that you favored any of them, but rather, that they are different in their physical make-up. For instance potty training for boys is much different from potty training girls. As you read on, you will find some helpful tips for potty training boys.

First and foremost, understand that your little boy has to use the potty both while standing and sitting. This calls for training from you for your son to be able to distinguish between the two positions. You are required to train him on when he is supposed to sit and when to stand.

Aiming for the Pottty

The first step is to teach him how to aim for the potty when taking a pee. You know how irritating it can get to find your little son has urinated all over your clean bathroom floor that you just scrubbed. There are many approaches to this training which can be implemented to help your son learn faster.

Target Marks

The best trick is to draw target marks with crayons on the potty. As you know, kids love challenges, therefore, he will ensure that he hits the target. On your part, you could applaud him and even give him a treat to appreciate his efforts. This will highly motivate your son.

Wee Wee Pals

Another tip is to use the famous wee wee pals; these are stickers that have pictures of animals and change when peed on. When you stick these on the bottom of the potty, your son will be having such fun aiming for them while enjoying seeing the pictures change. This makes the training much fun and even faster.

Aping grown Up Behavior

If there is anything that kids are good at, it is aping our behaviors as grown-ups. You son will tend to follow what you as a parent does. Take this in to advantage, if you are a male parent. You could consider going to the bathroom with your son and show him how to aim.

This will bear good results as your son wants to be like you. If you are a mother, consider letting the dad, brothers or uncles to accompany him when he wants to pee.

Taking a Poop

As for taking a poop, you have to let your son know that it feels good to relieve himself. The markers could not be of much help on this sector. Therefore, you will have to talk to him and reward him whenever he goes for a poop. However, do not spoil him, just reward.

Getting accompanied by a male will also help this since your son can associate with them and therefore is more likely to listen to what they tell him. For any learning process, trust is always a key issue. With this in mind, assign these duties to your son’s favorite uncles or the father.

Make Potty Process Fun

In addition, do not pressure your son. This will only make him more reluctant to use the potty or feel stressed. The result is a very slow learning process. Even if your son does not seem to like the idea of using a potty, work your way around him by giving treats and making the whole training process more fun.

Parental Support

Furthermore, do not compare your son with other kids. The neighbor’s kid has already learned how to use the potty, so what? Every kid has his own pace; your son will eventually learn to use the potty too at his own good time. Give him time and support.

Another great tip that works when potty training boys, is to be there for him when he goes for a poop or a pee. It might not seem as such a big issue to you but to your son this is a great transition from pooping in diapers to pooping in potties. He needs a mentor who he can trust to help him through this period of change.

If you are a male parent, training a little boy might not be such a hassle as he already identifies himself with you. However, a female parent might have some problem during this time. With this in mind, implementing the above tips for potty training boys will be quite helpful to you.

Final tip: If you face some potty training boys problems, you can consider some  Potty Training Reward Ideas  

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