Children’s Books About Potty Training – All You Need to Know

Last Updated on April 5, 2021

A lot of children’s books have been written and published to help parents overcome all obstacles that come with potty training. This can be an exhilarating achievement for parents to be able to get their children out of the gutters of toileting. With a wide variety of books to choose from you would be spoilt for choice! Continue reading to see the list of children’s books about potty training you can choose from.

Here are Some Top Children’s Books You Could Consider

  1. Oh crap! Potty training Book: Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to do it Once and Get it Right by Jamie Glowacki
Children's books
Oh crap potty training everything modern parents need to know

In this book, Jamie Glowacki assists parents by equipping them with the tools they need to help their children go through the toileting process. This book will give you the confidence and motivation to go through potty training whilst keeping you entertained too. She provides a 6 block step method that permits parents to take on the journey with their children in a step-by-step manner and is also able to answer all the what-ifs and whatnots as they go along their way. She’s most certainly the go-to person for all your pee and poop issues, making her book highly recommended for any parent wanting to help their child let go of diapers.

2. Potty training in 3Days by Author Brandi Brucks
With this book, you are able to rid your child of the diaper and save yourself some bucks in a very short space of time. It has all the expert advice that has been gathered over the years, making it super easy to help your child start using the toilet like a pro.

This guide covers all grey areas pertaining to potty training starting from prepping your toileting weekend to supporting and encouraging your child once you’re through with the three days.

This book goes further and beyond other children’s books for potty training by providing a 5 step plan that equips you with useful tips and tricks to make you and your child’s journey a very successful one. It will also give you much-needed insight into your child’s behaviors helping you identify their readiness for potty training and much more.

Lastly, in this book, you will find ways to maintain and keep your cool whenever your child has accidents by teaching you to be more kind and conversational in your manner of approach when handling bathroom accidents.

3. Stress-free potty training by authors Sara Au and Peter L. Stavainona
We are all cognizant of the fact that for your potty training to be successful you will need an approach that is specific and appropriate to your child’s needs.

You firstly need to ask yourself these questions before you begin; Is my child afraid of this process? Is he or she not intimidated by the toilet? Before you can formulate a plan on how to execute your training. This book offers all the insight you need to be able to come out of this sticky situation.

This guide helps you identify and distinguish between all common childhood personalities and helps you come up with a tailored approach for your child’s needs, whether they are sensitive, stubborn, cautious, impulsive, goal-oriented, or just not ready to forgo their diapers.

The quick quiz on this guide will help you gauge your child’s readiness for the process then you can formulate a plan that will help both you and your child succeed on your journey. Because understanding your child’s personality will help you mitigate any temporary setbacks that you may encounter along the way. Also, you will be proper equipped to deal with all accidents. You will also be helped through any toileting resistance that your child may exhibit as well as sensory issues you need to look out for as your child goes through this developmental skill.

4. The No-Cry Potty Solution By Elizabeth Pantley
In this amazing book, you will learn how to bid farewell to diapers and quickly say hello to toilet independence. It’s an open secret that potty training or toileting can be a rather very stressful and cumbersome experience for most parents.

But it really should not be the case. With the right materials to follow out there, you will be amazed at how simple potty training your child can be. Elizabeth’s Pantley’s easy no-cry potty solution will help overcomes these problems;

  • Best determine the best time to begin the toileting process
  • To be able to design the best yet simple and effective potty plan for your child
  • Help improve your child’s self-esteem and independence much quicker than you can ever imagine possible
  • It Will help to motivate your child if they are reluctant to try out new things specifically using the potty or toilet

This book can also help you successfully cover all bathroom issues and safety checklists or childproofing strategies.

5. Potty Train Your Child in One Day by Teri Crane,

This is a super fun and easy guide to help you get your child potty train in just a day, yes it is very possible to get your child potty trained in just one day. Can you imagine what a whopping saving you can make if you were to achieve this. It Has been said that babies from the time they are born until potty trained will use an average of 4.000 diapers.

So if you want out of this dilemma then Potty Train Your Child in One Day is all you need to help you out. Teri helps parents by guiding them on how to teach their children out of diapers and onto those potties by;

  • Helping them to be able to look out and identify signs that show them when their little ones are ready to embark on the potty training journey
  • Show them how to make those potty training connections by using a potty training doll
  • Help them choose and make the right incentive plan by helping them set up proper reinforcement methods
  • Helps them set charts, quizzes, and checklist to assist them all throughout their potty training plans
  • Show them when it is time to bring a potty pinch hitter
  • Ensures that parents and their children are able to complete their potty training plans with little to minimal accidents

Once you have learned all of Teri’s techniques she then lets you in on another secret which is potty parties! In this guide, she has a design for 12 different imaginative themes for each of these potty parties. such as a cartoon carnival, magic carpet express, and supplies the parents with everything they may need to make this a reality.

Potty training has always been an unpleasant chore but with children’s books about potty training, it can be an amazing experience for both parents and their children.



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