The Elmo Potty Song: a Great Way To Initiate Your Child Into Toileting

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

Using the Elmo potty song is an amazing and entertaining way to approach the daunting task of toilet training. Toileting comes with its fair share of ups and downs, which can take its toll on you as a parent. So you need to devise ways to keep both you and your toddler motivated to stick it through to the end!

This song will have you on your feet dancing away, singing, and laughing whilst your little tot gains all the confidence they need to tackle this intimidating yet fulfilling milestone. It features Elmo, Curly Bear, Gover, and a few more other characters your child would love.

This enchanting song will help your child understand that everyone needs to know how to use the potty. It emphasizes how mothers, fathers, grandparents, and even monsters must acquire this skill of toileting and other healthy habits that come with it.

This Elmo potty song video was written by Christine Ferraro and directed by Emily Squires. It has its main character as a red furry monster, who is 13months old Elmo whom we all know from the popular Sesame street cartoon show. Elmo shares with us sultry yet very pleasant messages about using the potty that come with very vibey and memorable tunes.

Enclosed with this video is a printable certificate which you can award to your little one at the end of a very successful potty training with a reciprocal storybook that your tot can enjoy at potty time.

It is Now Time to Meet The Characters in the Elmo Potty Song

Baby Elmo (13months)
Baby Elmo (13months)

In the video, we are told that Baby Elmo is growing up now and very soon it will be time for him to embark on that all-important journey. This journey is that which will lead him into independence and see him joining the big boys club, it is called potty training. But the very big question if he is ready to take this leap of faith? Let’s watch the video to find out!

Elmo's Dad
Louie father to Baby Elmo.

So this here is Elmo’s Father Louie, who has the big task of helping and preparing his son to learn this all-new and important skill of toileting. See, like most parents, Louie understands how his son Elmo feels about this new big step he needs to take.

So Louie finds an exciting and fun way to introduce the potty to his son through a catchy song. In which he explains to him what the potty is for, whilst also reassuring his son that he has nothing to worry about except embrace this as just a part of growing up.

Elmo potty song
Praire Dawn, Baby Elmo’s friend from Sesame Street

As we continue to watch the Elmo Potty Song video we are then introduced to a friend of Baby Elmo’s called Praire Dawn who is there to help Elmo as well. Prairie is the one who eases Elmo a bit as he embraces his new developmental skill, in fact, she helps him understand things more clearly. She is the one that tells Elmo what to do after he finishes using the potty such as where to find the toilet paper and what it is used for too.

Elmo potty song
Curly Bear like Baby Elmo she too is learning toileting

Baby Elmo seems to be holding this whole new toileting thing down because he has all the help and motivation from his dad and also his closest friends. Curly Bear who also lives down the road from Baby Elmo is also going through her own journey of trying to perfect her potty habits and skills. This just goes on to emphasize Louie’s (Baby Elmo’s Dad) words that toileting is a skill everyone goes through!

The Elmo potty song is awesome to teach your toddlers that everybody including monsters have to learn how to use the potty. Accidents happen and they should never feel discouraged if they experience any along the way. Patience is everything and with regular practice and use of the potty toileting habits can be mastered. So go get yourself a DVD and dance, sing and laugh with your tot as they gain good bathroom habits that will stick with them for life!


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