How To Overcome Potty Training Boys Problems

Last Updated on July 16, 2020

Getting out of diapers is a milestone in any child’s and parent’s parenting lives. However it’s not always easy to potty train children – it really does have its fair share of potty training challenges.  In fact, potty training boys problems are more difficult to handle.

So instead of making it any harder than it should be, try out these tips to overcome potty training problems.

Establish Communications First

Don’t try to start potty training if there is no clear communication between you two. Instead, wait till your son understands basic and simple instructions and knows all words related to a potty. It’s even better if you start a daily pre-potty training routine that teaches your boy potty training development skills.

Some boys don’t know what words to use to show they need to go to the bathroom. So teach your son, and make sure he understands the meaning of words like ‘pee’, ‘poop’, ‘potty’, ‘wet’, ‘messy’ and ‘clean’. Once you teach your son these words, use them routinely during your potty training regime.

Maintain Consistency in Techniques Used

Never make the mistake of different caretakers following different training techniques. This only causes confusion and will not help in potty training your boy at all. Instead, it’s better for all caretakers to agree to follow a particular daily pre-potty training routine.

Motivate and Not Rebuke

Don’t show displeasure or anger if and when an accident occurs. Remember that they are still small boys, and will have occasional accidents. Showing disapproval or punishing the child will only increase the chances of future accidents occurring. Instead, count to ten and smile while maintaining a calm voice.

Excercise Patience

Don’t push your child and force potty training onto them. This only leads to stress in their body, and possible constipation. A better way is to work at a strategy that makes potty training fun for both of you. Maybe you could start out by training a boy doll to potty train, and use wall charts and stickers to help you.

Review The Diet

Add as much fiber in your son’s diet as insufficient fiber only leads to painful bowel movements and possible constipation. The best way to introduce fiber into his diet is by including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to the diet. Also increase his intake of fluids, especially plain water. However, don’t do the mistake of starting boy potty training if your son is constipated as it only worsens the condition.

Set Aside Enough Time

Don’t make the mistake of setting aside insufficient time for your boy’s potty training. In fact, it’s better to block off a weekend or a few days to concentrate on his potty training.

Never make the folly of starting your boy’s potty training when your son is all stressed up because of some emotional issue. If you do start when your son is all stressed, you only turn this potty training stage of your son into a battleground where you need longer time than necessary to train him. Instead, wait for the issue to resolve. Though it may take a few weeks or months, it’s better to wait and then start training him later on.

How Boys Do it

Lots of boys want to sit while learning to use the potty. While it’s okay to let him do it at the start, once he learns to urinate sitting down and has mastered his bladder control, start explaining to him that he is a big boy and has to go potty standing up. This he may pick up on his own, or by seeing his dad or other male friends or family members using the bathroom.


The best way to overcome all these potty training boys problems is by rewarding or praising him for cooperation or success. While a sense of accomplishment is usually enough for some children, others need to remain focused. You could reward them with raisins, fruit slices, cookies and stickers and even praises and hugs. The bigger rewards like a trip to the ice cream store should be reserved to use when your son walks to the potty on his own and uses it. See more potty training reward ideas.

Don’t just reward him once he overcomes his potty training boys problems. Make it a point to praise him frequently for remaining dry and for using the potty.

Final Thought

Sometimes boys tend to urinate or pass their bowels after being taken off the toilet. This usually happens at the start of potty training, and takes some time before your son really learns how to relax the muscles that control the bowel and bladder. However if this happens a lot, it means your son is not ready for potty training, and needs a few more weeks’ time to start learning. YOu can see more tips for potty training boys.

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