How To Potty Train A Boy At Night

In this guide, we will share how to potty train a boy at night. It is commonly accepted that boys will in general take longer to stay dry at night; however potty training your child should never be a stressful event and by following the top tips for training boys at night you will achieve night dryness in no time.

Firstly, you need to be prepared for accidents and never get upset by them; in fact, as much as possible you need to make potty training fun.

Your child will normally achieve dryness during the day in his third year and be able to stay dry at night some six months later, although there is no need to compare your child to the norm; each and every child is different and individual. Unless your child is well into his fifth year and still regularly wetting at night then there really is no cause for concern.

Achieving dryness at night is of course more complicated than during the day, many children get into deep sleep  and therefore are totally unaware of their bed wetting. It is therefore important to minimize the occurrence of bedtime accidents and this can be achieved by following this guide on how to potty train a boy at night.

Stay prepared for accidents

Firstly, be prepared for accidents, and always choose a good time for your son to try and stay dry throughout the night; when your boy is in a regular routine and has no disruptions such as a school holiday or a sleep over is always preferable. As you need to be prepared for accidents, try using a discreet plastic sheet under the normal bed linen as well as making sure that you always have plenty of fresh sheets as well as pajamas at hand for when accidents happen.

Cut down on drinks

Cutting down on drinks after tea time is essential if you wish your boy to achieve dryness throughout the night; give one drink at tea time and really try to limit all drinks after six pm altogether. Of course, in hot weather your child will be thirstier, but if you allow drinks at bedtime then you really should be prepared for accidents to happen.

Put your child on the toilet before bedtime

In order to achieve dryness throughout the night, putting your child on the toilet at bed time is also essential. This will ensure that your boy goes to sleep with a bladder that is as empty as possible and will therefore allow him to sleep for longer before he needs to use the toilet again. Many parents also swear by lifting their child at their own bedtime and placing their child on the potty or toilet, many children successfully using the toilet in this way without even waking up.

Use Pull up nappies

In your learning about how to potty train a boy at night, you may also like to think about using pull up nappies or pajama pants for an older child. These pants will give you the security that a little accident will not disrupt a whole night’s routine, and as they come designed to look and feel like real pants, your boy will feel grown up too.

When preparing your son for potty training at night, you need to remember that there is no need to compare your son s progress with that of your friends or a textbook; you son will stop wetting at night when he is ready to do so.

No Nappy Trial Run

Once you find that your son has a dry diaper or pull up pant in the morning for more than a few consecutive days then this is the time to start leaving the diaper off. However, you can never expect overnight miracles, and relapses are very common indeed.

If your son has stayed dry and then reverts to bed wetting, then as frustrating as it may be you need to stay calm and collected and look upon it as just a blip in your plan to get your boy dry at night. Wherever possible, do not revert to nappies after a stint of dryness, instead use a pull up pant and with patience your son will almost certainly learn to stay dry once more.

Only when you seem to have no success with night dryness by the time your son is five years old should you really need to consider medical advice. We have basic but helpful articles on; Potty training boys problems, and potty train a resistant 3 year old boy.

Each and every child will progress at his own rate, and you may experience a big difference between siblings; simply by following doing what has been shared here on how to potty train a boy at night,  you will see results when the time is right.

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