How To Effectively Use Potty Training Pictures For Toddlers

In this article, we will discuss using potty training pictures for toddlers. Potty training your toddler could be a tough task. It may take several practice sessions and lots of training for them to really understand how to use the bathroom properly.

What most parents don’t understand is how to actually get them to go to the bathroom and do it right, as many toddlers may not outgrow this until they’re much older. This is the reason why many parents use pictures for potty training toddlers. Pictures are great to use, but most parents still don’t know why pictures will actually help. Let’s take a few minutes to share some key insights.

How can using pictures for potty training toddlers be helpful?

Pictures will help show them exactly how to do their business. Usually all they need is some basic and visual pictures to get a quick hang of how it’s supposed to be done. Of course, you can’t do this and demonstrate it to them. While other parents will, it’s just not possible for most people to do so.

Young kids need to have that extra visualization tool to finally see how it’s supposed to be done. With pictures or cartoons, which are more recommended, they’ll imitate and do what they’re supposed to do.

How to use pictures

First, you want to get a nice picture that showcases another toddler. Again, use cartoons instead of people. At this point in time, it’s much easier for them to understand and notice cartoons, not to mention the fact that it’s ten times more appropriate.

If you’d like to make some on your own, here’s a quick layout on what photos to use when they’re trying to do number 2. Doing number one can be easily done, so there’s really no need on using pictures for that. Usually holding him up should already be good enough.


1)This photo should show the toddler opening the toilet

2)Show the cartoon pulling his pants down

3)Show the cartoon sitting down

4)Show the cartoon properly washing the main area

5)Show the cartoon wiping it properly and pulling his pants back up

6)Show the cartoon closing the toilet and washing his hands

Remember, you can always purchase a diagram on the internet or offline at local bookstores. There are literally many different diagrams that you’ll find available. Some may have a different layout and a different order for them to follow, but all of them are surely going to help your kids right away.

Tips when using pictures for potty training toddlers

One of the few tips for potty training boys and girls is that you need to follow is to make sure that he’s in the proper age to become potty trained. If he learns too early, you’re only setting him up for failure, and you’ll only become annoyed when he doesn’t pick it up right away even if you apply the principles of potty training pictures for toddlers. Teach him when he’s around 22 to 25 months old, so by the time he reaches around 4 to 5 years old, he’ll be more than ready to do it on his own. By the time you give him several pictures at around 25 months old, he’ll be able to learn from the training.

Tips when potty training in general

First of all, you really need to be patient. Not all toddlers will get this down by the time they’re 4 years old. Some toddlers are able to do it successfully by age 4 or 4 and a half while others learn at age 5. So, just be patient with your young toddler, and he’ll slowly understand the concept.

Don’t forget to know when to stop the process. If he cries during the process, screams, or says “NOOO”, then those are huge signs that he’s too young and not yet ready to learn. Don’t forget to have a nice plastic toilet if you’d like for him to learn when he’s even younger.

Potty training young kids is always going to be hard no matter how naturally gifted your child may be. Every toddler learns at different points in their life, but no matter how long it does take, you can be sure that they will at some time. Remember, pictures are needed to help them see what needs to be done.

Visualization can help them out tremendously, and as long as the images are nicely demonstrated and have a good display, you can be sure that your toddler will learn after some time. I hope this article on potty training pictures for toddlers was useful to you. See more articles on this site.

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