Oh Crap Potty Training Book; All You Need To Know To Get Job Done Right

Last Updated on March 18, 2021

Is your child ready to embark on the new journey towards their independence, by finally letting go of the tyranny of diapers? Are you anxious about beginning this new process because you just want to do it once and get it right at that too! Well, then you will need to get your hands on Jamie Glowacki’s  Oh Crap potty training book.

She has developed a 6 step process on how to get your kiddo out of diapers and onto the toilet seat. She has worked with dozens of thousands of parents on this journey, so yours can be a seamless journey too, worry not!

Is it Possible to Potty Train a Child in a Short Amount of Time?

It is very, very possible in actual fact your child may even be ready for his/her potty training between 20 & 30 months plus it can be done way quicker than you can ever imagine too. The fact is that most toddlers are able to go through the basics in a couple of days!

Although if you are still a bit hesitant, no need to worry and get sleepless nights over this because Jamie Glowacki has got your back with the Oh crap potty training book. You’re possibly toiling around a lot of questions in your head such as;

  • Oh, I wonder if my child is really ready and if so how will I know?
  • How come my toddler refuses to use the potty?
  • Possibly even, how do I avoid any potty power struggles with my toddler?
  • I’m not so sure as to how I can get the daycare givers on board to help me with this process!
  • My child and I were doing so well but all of a sudden he has started regressing, what next?
  • And of course the question most parents dread the most would be ‘how do I deal with the night-times’?

Whatever your fears, worries, and problems that may have gotten your knickers in knots and twists, this book can help you get to the bottom of them! It has no schemes or bribery stunts to help get your child out of diapers but contains much-needed information about all the channels on potty training that you will need to get a head start. Plus All answers that you need to know once you have finally bid farewell to the diaper era.

Oh crap potty training book
Jamie Glowacki holding her book with a toddler by her side

Industry Reviews That You Need to Know About

Christina Ricci, a young mom had this to say about the book:

”I was super anxious about starting off the pottying process with my 2year old daughter until I read the book oh crap potty training, my thoughts and fears were instantly silenced. It took me exactly 3days to help my daughter master the basics of toileting and everything else just went on well, it was such a breeze! I’ve saved tons of money too, from not buying those expensive diapers anymore”.

Jenny Lawson a Bloggess and the New York Times bestselling Author of Let’s Pretend That Never Happened had this to say;

”Most of us parents detest pottying with all our being, we actually think it ranks number 1 as one of the shittiest chores to do in life, but on the contrary, it ought not to be so when you have read Jamie Glowacki’s potty training book. This book is straight-up with all the info you need to know about plus it has been parent-tested too! Check it out for yourself you can’t go wrong”.

Amber Dusick, Author of Parenting also gave the book the big thumbs up she had this to say;

”Jamie’s book is just awesome, it has all the information to endow parents to help their children victoriously walk through the path of toileting. It contains easy language which any toddler can understand, has an attention to child learning blocks, the use of clear process, offers solutions on how to handle and avoid potty power struggles. Simply put, Jamie empowers parents with the knowledge and know how to help parents teach their kids how to wee and poop unaided”.

Judging from these few reviews it would seem Jamie Glowacki’s book is the real McCoy! In this book, she explicitly spells out informatively and speaks to parents in an inspiring and non-judgmental way, whilst also empowering them to take on this somewhat disheartening task of potty training.

She has broken down her techniques into a 6 Block method which allows parents to take on this process gradually with their children. In a step-by-step fashion with all the answers in between to mitigate any problems that may arise along the way. Taking away all the what-ifs and whatnots making the entire process enjoyable for both parent and child.

The advice she gives to parents helps them restore their confidence and keeps them well motivated to carry out the task at hand. This book contains a lot of wit and humor that will keep you entertained all through the toilet and potty training process while you slowly wean yourself and your child off diapers. She is certainly the go-to person to help you get your child out of those diapers and onto the potty!

The author of the book, Jamie Glowacki is a mother herself who has a great love for children so this is why she took on this mammoth task of helping other mothers with the daunting task of helping their children overcome the obstacles that come with toileting.

As a mother herself she fully understands the fears and struggles that most moms go through to achieve the milestone of seeing that children become fully independent. This is why in her book, Oh crap potty training, she minces no words about the entire process, she is very straight up and real but she does it with love and is sensitive towards the parents’ thoughts and actions too.



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