Potty Songs – The Most Effective Way For Potty Training Your Toddler

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

Did you know that teaching your toddler potty songs is the most effective way of helping them through the entire toileting training? It has been said that on average a lot of children learn their potty skills between the ages of 18 months and 3years plus completing this training can take as long as 27 months.

During this period in their lives, children are like sponges, they are able to soak up as much information as you are able to feed them with. Like with any other aspect of their early education life, kids learn better and faster if there is a fun factor added into their activities. So likewise with potty training, you can peeve your child’s interest in this activity by incorporating songs.

Potty songs
Training with potty songs.

There is a Wide Variety of Potty Songs to Choose From

So we have chosen our absolute favorites which we guarantee you will be a hit with your kiddo too.

1. Potty Training 101 Poop Song

This is one of the most effective songs for potty training your little one because it can help you speed up the process. Created by Growing Sound, this enchanting melody goes in-depth on all issues concerning toileting. It covers each and every step of the toileting process whilst also explaining everything fully.

Nothing is left out with this tune. It is a fun and superb way for your child to learn and understand the entire toileting process.

2. Elmo Potty Song

Are you battling to teach your child how to correctly use the potty? Hey, maybe Elmo can come to your rescue! Turning on that Elmo song is a marvelous way to peeve your toddler’s interest in toileting. By roping in one of sesame street’s favorite and beloved character into the toileting process, it will help prompt them to follow instructions a bit more easier.

Potty Songs by Elmoe

In this lovely song, Elmo goes over all the toileting steps and uses charming tunes that will most certainly grab your child’s attention. So why not make your life a little easier by trying out any of these songs with your child.

3. Little Baby Bum Song

This potty melody can help boost your toddler’s confidence in terms of taking that plunge into the next step in their developmental skills. We are all quite aware of the fact that toileting is not an easy task to execute. It comes jam-packed with tones of trial and error, meaning that patience is a key ingredient required from the parents.

Having said that, there is a solution to this unpleasant quandary! And it’s the little Baby Bum song. This tune has nursery rhythms embedded that can help your little toddler along their potty training journey. It can also help deter any discouragements that your toddler may feel after a few unsuccessful attempts with the potty.

4. I Can Pee and Poop On the Potty

What a wacky way of getting your little tot onto the toilet. This enchanting song comes with a storyline about a child superhero who is great at using his potty. Making it an excellent way to encourage your child to follow in this direction too. In this awe-inspiring story, we are taken on a journey into this superhero’s toileting course, where we observe him pee, poop, and wash his hands after every toilet visit.

Use this fun-filled track to help inspire your toddler out of diapers and into the independence of toileting.

5. The Ginneh Song

The principal intent of potty training is to enable kids on how to alert you or their caregivers each time they need to use the bathroom to pee or poop. Well, this lovely song is an absolute triumph in teaching kids to acquire this skill! This Ginneh song was developed by a mother who had tried everything under the sun to encourage her toddler to want to take that step into toileting independence and had previously failed.

Suddenly one morning after putting much thought into the dilemma, she came up with the bright idea that she should create a song that would help entice her daughter into wanting to try out pottying. Well, what do you know, she was pleasantly surprised that her daughter warmed up to this idea and yes ”It all worked together for good”. Because this melody has become a hit with other moms trying to encourage toileting skills amongst their own tots.

6. Daniel Tiger: Stop and Go Potty

We all know what an amazingly short concentration span kids have. Once they get engrossed in something it’s hard for them to focus on other things such as toileting. It is often a struggle to get your toddler to stop playing and go to the potty or to even stop them from watching their favorite show in good time. This is why you will need to rope in the Daniel Tiger Song!

This motif is an excellent way of encouraging your tot about bathroom visits on time. The lyrics in this melody tell kids that it is quite alright for their playtime to be cut short in time for their toilet visits. It subtly tells your little one that nothing will be lost as they are just going to the bathroom for a limited period of time and therefore they shall return and everything will be exactly as they had left it all.

Hopefully with this list of potty songs to choose from you will be able to get your little one onto the potty with ease.




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