Potty Training 3 Year Old Twins, The Best Way How

Last Updated on May 31, 2021

Getting your twins started with potty training can be an exciting yet challenging time for you and your toddlers. The thought of ridding yourself of those double diaper costs may be something that you yearn for. But dealing with the uncertainty of how to go about it or when and where to begin potty training 3 year old twins is the most intimidating part!

Fortunately, we got your back covered with some easy tips that will help you get your toddlers out of diapers in no time. With these easy-to-follow steps potty training, your tots will be an absolute breeze!

Potty training Twins
Potty training twins

Steps to Get Your Twins onto The Potty

  1. Groom your babies well in advance –Before attempting toileting with your toddlers, try piquing their interest by talking them through what is in store for them in the upcoming few weeks. Try reading them books with stories on how to use the toilets or even take them underwear shopping. Along the way be sure to tell them that only big boys wear these cool undies.
  2. Be sure to observe if your toddlers are keen on the toilet – Could your tots be ready to plunge into independence? There is no exact time for your children to begin toileting as this varies from infant to infant but you can start from as little as 18months or even as late as 3years old. What you need to bear in mind is their readiness to begin this exercise because starting them off on something they aren’t ready for will only encourage resistance which in turn could lead to frustration for you. Luckily, there are signs that can prove if your little ones are ready or not. Such as;
  • Are they taking a lot of interest in all bathroom activities? Can they go on for lengthy periods of time without drenching their diapers?
  • Do they want to carry out their toilet business in privacy?
  • Do they let you know whenever their diapers are wet or soiled and demand a fresh change?
  • Are they suddenly very keen on getting underwear?
  1. Choose your day to begin training wisely- Now that you’re very sure that your tots are to begin using the toilet, set the most appropriate time to start off the training. Try as much as possible to avoid starting your training because of a deadline as you will only be setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration.

Don’t do it if there will be major changes in the twins’ lives such as the birth of another sibling or you are moving houses or even separating from your current spouse. All these things can be quite overwhelming for your kids and cause them to want to resist the entire process.

  1. You might want to consider one on one potty training sessions for your dual – Although potty training your dual simultaneously would be way easier; it can be quite tricky too. Every infant is an individual in their own right so they may display readiness signs at different times and stages. This is very true for non-same sex duals.

It has been documented that baby girls show readiness signs much sooner than baby boys, they also master the toileting skills much quicker than their counterparts. This then just means you need to consider differentiated training to cater to both needs.

If you however have the same-sex dual you could consider training them at the same time too because this helps encourage companionship and competition too encouraging and challenging each other in successes as well as during setbacks. Be on the lookout though that one may progress faster than the other which could be a deterrent to the other. This is when you will need to consider changing your approach to be a one on one system.

Don’t let this stress you out too much though because in most cases having your dual training together can be disconcerting because your kids may see this as extra playtime and become super disruptive as a result.

  1. Use rewards as a motivator- For most parents giving their tots a few rewards has helped them stay on course. Although with twins it may not be guaranteed, it could either work for good or could just be an epic fail! The reason being, you can only reward success, but in the unfortunate case where only one twin was able to achieve that milestone, it can prove to be a problem.

Remember, not all duals have the cognitive ability to connect the cause and the consequence, so you may just find yourself now dealing with an unruly tantrum-throwing toddler. But if your dual is very ambitious then the reward system may work perfectly for you when you start potty training 3 year old twins.

Don’t forget that in as much as they may be identical with their looks they still have very different personalities, so it would be in your best interests to have a clear idea of exactly what tickles each one of their fancies. If this still is quite working out to your advantage then try bouncing around the idea of an adventure or activity as a possible motivator for good behavior.

Potty training twins
Potty training twins
  1. To make the task at hand much easier you will need to buy two potty sets – At their tender age, most toddlers are not willing to share anything, so for some peace of mind it would be best if each had their own. Don’t even consider not buying another potty because even if you were to train them at different times, there will still be a meltdown when one sees the other on the same potty.

But if you feel that buying two potty sets is a waste then you can consider getting one of those freestanding sets so it’s not easy for either one of them to lift up. Also, you may need to emphasize the importance of them sharing to avoid any unnecessary quarrels between the two.

At this stage of their life, ownership is a big thing to them so it may be a struggle to get them to share anything. So just save yourself the drama by designating the potty to either one of them, though you have to brace yourself that if you have any other visiting children in the house they will not touch that potty!

  1. Brace yourself for double the trouble and double the clean-up – Toileting your dual is not going to be an easy task because everything comes in doubles. Prepare yourself for setbacks and regression issues and try as much as possible to baby-proof your house. Make sure you have piles and piles of stock in cleaning supplies because you will surely need them.

You will need to install gates to barricade those rooms that you wish to keep out of bounds from your little potty training dual. Be sure to move all furniture and ensure your expensive carpets are nicely tucked away somewhere safe until the day you can safely bring them down again. You need to consider using pull-ups for the nights just to ease the burden on yourself too.

Accidents will happen and as annoying as that may be, try to maintain your cool and bring onboard your little troops to help out with cleaning up the mess.

  1. Be open to all possibilities – Children are not all the same so, what could have worked for your best friend’s kids is not necessarily what will work for your troops too. Some kids will need all the time in the world to master this skill whilst others can do it all in just 3 days.

So, set your training program to best suit each individual child because they each have their own special needs. Remember, all kids are wired differently, some will very much prefer less fuss around them, others need to be constantly reminded about their bathroom visits whilst others are in tune with their bodily functions, others will be free to tell you when they feel the urge to go to the bathroom and others just want all their privacy.

You are their parent, so you’re in a better position to choose which approach is best suited to them and would be the most effective one as well. You will also have to be cognizant of the fact that the approach you and your dual have at home will be different from what they will be practicing outside of the home.

Day-care, sleepovers at the grandparents, and outings will need you to come with a strategy that will work for you all. Such as, you may need to pack an extra potty and cleaning supplies. Brace yourself for dealing with other challenges such as constipation which could potentially be the handbrake for progress in your program.

  1. Don’t change the train too often, it will only confuse them – Having your dual train at the same time is much easier than doing the one-on-one sessions because you are able to maintain the same schedule throughout. Most parents keep a basic routine with their dual right from infancy, such as diaper changes and feeding times which they also maintain for their potty training as well, with much success.
  2. Dress them up in easy to undo clothes – Most parents prefer to begin their potty training regime in the summer when the weather is warm and pleasant so they can keep the dressing to a minimum. Which is a perfect way of doing things because the fewer clothes they have on the easier it is for them to undress for the potty in time, avoiding those dreaded accidents.

You need to boost your dual’s confidence so that they may quickly master the art of the training. One such way to help through this is by ensuring their independence. Make them wear clothes they will easily undo when it’s time for them to use the potty. Avoid clothes with too many buttons and zips but go for pull-up-pants or skirts and save the lovely outfits for when they are much older and have mastered the tricks of the trade.

  1. Keep your language short and simple – During the potty training, try as much as possible to keep a level head. Stay calm and try to maintain a positive attitude at all times. Shower good behavior with praises and be sure to reinforce it with a small reward. If they have an accident, try not to yell at them in as much as it may be quite frustrating, just speak to them in a gentle tone about how this shouldn’t happen again then go through the toileting steps with them again.

Twins may share the same DNA but their personalities are different from each other, so, you can’t expect their level or pace at which they master potty training to be the same. Avoid using shameful language to a child who may be slower than the other. Don’t enforce punishment for their shortcomings because that can only lead to resistance.

Try to be as encouraging as possible. Positive speaking to your little one can only boost their confidence and make them want to do better next time.

Potty training twins
Potty training twins

Set your eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel at all times, because like with any other parenting phases you and your twins have gone through, this is also just a passing stage. Tell yourself that your twins will master potty training and will eventually be completely rid of the tyranny of diapers. Just like any other mother out there whose child has learned the tricks of the trade and so will your tots.

You too can look forward to days when they are accident-free and use the bathroom independently. Oh mama, keep your cool, be flexible, exercise some patience, and stay loving. Remember, you have double the trouble so don’t let any peer pressure from friends and family dictate to you how quickly your dual team should be progressing or if you should start potty training 3 year old twins!










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