Potty Training Books For Boys, the Best Way to Do It

Last Updated on May 30, 2023

Without a shadow of a doubt, potty training is one of those disheartening and difficult tasks that every parent has to go through at some point in their lives. It can be quite tricky to execute dealing with potty power struggles, regression, and a lot of fears or doubts that most parents may have. One of the ways to solve these issues is using potty training books for boys to get your little boy started on the potty training journey.

If you feel your child is ready to plunge into their journey towards independence but are a bit skeptical about the entire process, worry not we have some good tips that can help you get started. One of the tips that we recommend is trying to peeve your child’s interest in potty training by getting them books that discuss these matters.

There is a wide selection from which to choose from but here are some of our favorites that can help you and your child transition successfully from diapers and into big boy underwear.

Here are Some of The Best Potty Training Books You Ought to Try


potty training book
Pirate Pete perfect potty training

Although there has been a big debate about gender stereotyping when it comes to training, there are a couple of books out there that do differentiate between the two sexes, such as Pirate Pete which is specifically designed for boys.

This animated, buoyant book aims to end any of the worries that your child may feel about letting go of the diapers and moving onto the potty or toilet. It has very easy-to-follow language so you don’t have to worry about your toddler not understanding what is being said to them in the book. It also comes with a cheering on button feature which is a delightful add-on for most toddlers.

This book comes packaged with a rewards sticker book which you can use as a motivator for keeping your little man focused on his training journey. It retails for about £4.20 and is best suited for children from the ages of 18 months upwards.


Potty training book
No more nappies potty training book

The Campbell book range is designed to help your toddler handle all the milestones that may crop up during his journey towards independence. It has a series that covers topics such as sleep, all about fussy eaters, and of course in the no more nappies, the main topic is toilet training.

This fascinating book contains two super adorable characters called Millie and Mo going through their own journey of letting go of the diapers and onto the potty. It is a very interactive book so your little one will always be entertained and involved all throughout the training process.

It retails for about £5.20 and is best suited for children 18 months onwards.


Potty training book
Dino potty. learn how to potty with Dino. Potty training book

This is an interactive book that will engage your little one with illustrations and fun step-by-step rhyming instructions to help your son get onto that potty. It features the friendly dinosaur called Dino who is also in the process of learning how to use the potty.  We also see him showing off his new underwear during the course of the training.

With those vivid illustrations and simple and straightforward rhymes, Dino Potty is a wonderful and resourceful tool to have to help teach your child all the necessary toilet training steps. From using and flushing the toilet up to washing of hands after every bathroom visit. The book is recommended for all children between the ages of 2-4years old.


potty training book
The potty book for boys, potty training book

Watching your toddler son successfully transition from diapers to independently using the toilet is surely every mother’s dream and without a shadow of a doubt the proudest moment in every mother’s life. In the potty training book for boys, we are introduced to a character called Henry, who needs a diaper change before he can step out to play with his friends.

So one sweet day his parents hatch up a plan to get him out of the diapers for good by bringing in a big box that they knew would peeve his curiosity. Henry sees this box and becomes uneasy as he is dying to know what is contained in there. So, he asks a lot of questions such as; is it a rocking chair or a bed for my favorite teddy? but the answer is no, ”It is just a potty for you” his mom says because Henry is a big boy now and needs to move out of diapers and onto the toilet.

This mellow and amusing story is pleasantly illustrated and told in a verse. So you are assured that your son will enjoy every minute of this book as he may relate to it. This will help him realize that he is all grown up now and needs to start behaving as such, just like Henry in the story.

Retailing at around $5.65  it is best suited to kids aged between 1-3 years.


potty training book
Potty superhero potty training book for boys

All little boys are fascinated by superheroes so why not purchase this book for him to feel like and even emulate the superhero he sees on the cover of the book. Empower and motivate him by telling him that all superheroes need to use their potty at all times. Then show him a cool pair of undies and tell him that potty heroes only wear underwear and not diapers.

Seeing and hearing this will help your child stay focused and ready to achieve that toileting goal.


potty training books for boys
potty training for boys the easy way

It’s an open secret that boys tend to get toilet trained way much slower than girls. They also have very different challenges than girls do. This then means that as a parent you will need more ingenious ideas to get your boy trained much quicker. This can include creating fun games to make the entire toileting experience a bit more exciting. But in doing this you will also need to find a way of dealing with accidents and setbacks.

This just means you need to get your hands on the book called Potty Training Boys the Easy Way. It is very specific to dealing with common boy problems. Issues such as teaching him to sit or stand whilst peeing, how to aim directly into the bowl to avoid spills, handling refusals, and teaching him to stay dry all throughout the night are all contained in the book.

It is quite an informative book that can help you overcome any problems you and your son may encounter over the course of the journey. When it comes to potty training boys you need the right and proper guide to successfully achieve your goal no cutting corners will help.

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