Potty Training Girls, How to Wipe

Last Updated on February 5, 2021

Now that your toddler can potty alone in the toilet doesn’t mean that your job as a bathroom guru has been completed. Your princess won’t know what to do afterwards unless you teach her exactly how to take care of her little body the right way! How do I begin with this you may ask yourself? Firstly you should be free enough to talk to your toddler about her body parts especially those parts that help them pee and poop.

Teaching your little princess how to wipe.

Once your toddler is fully trained potty wise, the next step is to teach her how to wipe.

Here are some tips to help you teach your little princess how to wipe.

  • Get the right materials; Such as Kandoo Flushable wipes, they clean much better than toilet paper by up to 30% more effectively. They are the perfect size for little hands such as your little daughter’s hand. They are biodegradable and super safe for the sewer and septic tank system. Also they can save you tones of money off the toilet paper since your toddler won’t be rolling up chunks and chunks of toilet paper just to wipe themselves.
  • Get it right from the beginning, so go at it the right direction; Show your daughter the right way is always wipe from the front to the back. It is extremely important you drum this thoroughly into your daughter’s mind all through-out the training process.
  • Be sure to show your daughter exactly how to go about the wiping process; You can use one of her favorite dolls to demonstrate exactly how she should wipe. Start with showing her she should lay the wipe flat in her palm of her hand and to not scrunch it up into a ball. Secondly walk her through on how to wipe from the front to the back in an upwards direction, be sure to tell her not to vigorously wipe. Lastly show that once she is done she can then flush and wash her hands thereafter.
  • You need to go through this with her a couple of times, practice makes; Be by your child’s side each time she goes for potty time. Observe how she wipes herself, then you can help her. Always give her a chance to do it herself and at every potty time, this way she will get all the practice she needs to finally perfect her skill.

Keep your eyes on the ball at all times; Even though your toddler may have the confidence to execute this task, you still need to monitor her just to be super sure she has gotten it right. You need to be very vigilant in this area so you can reinforce any techniques should the need arise.

Make the whole wiping technique a bit fun, try practicing in the kitchen even when prepping meals.

Sure it may be a little gross to be bringing in bathroom issues into the kitchen, but it’s always great to demonstrate to your little one how things are done. Besides kids learn through visual stimulation and repetitive actions too.

  • Firstly gather some wipes, a bottle of peanut butter and a plate with you on your kitchen counter. Smear the peanut butter on a plate then talk your daughter through the wiping process once more.
  • Place a Kandoo wipe flatly in the palm of your daughter’s hand and show her how to wipe by swooping the peanut butter from the plate in a front to back motion.
  • Now that you have shown her what to do, it’s time for her to show you exactly what she has learnt from the tutorial. Give her the plate with the peanut butter and ask her to wipe the same way you showed her how to.
  • Get her to repeat this process at least 3times so you are fully satisfied that she fully understands the whole process.
  • You can practice this exercise as much as possible as this will ensure that your child is well on their way to independence.


The important of teaching proper wiping techniques;

To avoid introducing bacteria into the urinary tract, the best technique for girls to avoid this is the wiping from front to back method. You can always use one of her favorite dolls to demo this technique to your little girl, take note though that your daughter will most definitely need your guidance and assistance on this the first time around. It is a process that may take time to master but don’t despair most kindergarten going girls are unable to properly wipe themselves too, so go easy on your daughter.

Having said all this you will need to help your daughter most times when she goes to the potty, even though she may have mastered the potty training this is yet another challenge she needs to overcome. You will need to explain to her and show her that only a few sheets of toilet paper is all she needs and not the entire toilet roll, also teach her how to wash her hands after every toilet visit-she needs to lather her little hands with soap for about 20seconds each time then rinse with running water.

Washing hands with soap and water will help kill any viruses that may lead to gastroenteritis, so be sure to emphasize the importance of washing hands with soap and water after every toilet visit.

Always look out for infections that may arise.

Usually at first wiping may be a challenge for little girls, this then leaves them vulnerable to urinary tract infections during their potty trainings. Because your daughter may be wiping back to front instead of back to front she could be bring bacteria from the rectum to the vagina. So it is important to help your daughter at all times until she can fully take control of this technique.

how do I know when my daughter has an infection, you may ask yourself?  Well these are signs that you need to look out for:

  • A sudden and constant urge to use the potty to pee.
  • some sort of pain and discomfort or even burning sensation when peeing.
  • Bloody, cloudy or repulsive smelling pee.
  • Feeling feverish
  • Poor or even loss of appetite.
  • A bit of pressure in the lower abdominal region.
  • She may suddenly have a lot of accidents yet she is now fully potty trained.

Once you notice any of these signs and symptoms then quickly take your daughter to the doctor for a full-on diagnosis and be afforded the proper treatment of antibiotics to help curb the further spread of this infection.

Always give your daughter some inspiration and help.

Use books such as Once Upon a Potty, Dora the explorer and potty book to help offer some guidance and inspiration for your daughter. You can also be on the look out for other books such as The Potty Doll, Mattel’s Little Mommy Princess these books are specially designed to help with the toilet training process.

They have special art effects such as a mini potty that makes a flushing sound and actually show the dolly going use the potty.

so the you go moms, you can never fall short on any ideas for keeping you little one inspired always.



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