The Baby Bjorn Smart Potty.

Last Updated on February 22, 2021

This is one of the best potties that money can buy. It is compact, practical and super easy to clean as well. Potty training has never been easier with the baby bjorn smart potty,  so compact and convenient that you can use it both at home and on trips too. This potty offer your child great comfort and it stays firmly on the ground even when your child moves around on it.

This smart potty was developed in Sweden and comes in many colors that may appeal to both you and your child, it is extremely easy to empty and clean so your clean times are cut by a fraction of the time. It boosts a well designed framework that makes it very comfortable for your child to use. It has a rubber strip at the bottom of it to ensure it always stays firmly secure on the ground each time your child uses it.

It has very clean lines and very smooth surfaces with no corners or grooves, making it easy to clean as nothing traps any dirt. It’s super easy to clean; all you do is just use that clever handle at the front of the potty, lift off the inner empty it, wipe it then rinse it under running water.

This smart potty is made out of environmentally friendly materials, so it PVC free and BPA free too making it the best thing that you could ever give to your child. The inner edge is wide and softly rounded so you are guaranteed that it wont pinch your child soft bottom. It also comes with a high splashguard that will safe guard against any spills that may happen.

It’s weight and dimensions are as follows; this potty weighs 18oz /540grams and its dimensions are 10 by 13 by 6.5in/25.5 by 33 by 16.5cm. Its components are; this potty is made from polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

How to clean the Baby Bjorn potty chair.

It has an inner that is very simple to remove, empty and clean. Just rinse it under running water and wipe clean with a gentle cleansing product and a non-abrasive sponge.

The Baby Bjorn smart potty vs potty chair, which is better you may want to know.

Both of these potties are very sleek and super easy to clean, they are both simple in design although the smart potty is about an inch lower than the potty chair so it is the perfect fit for your toddler. The potty chair has a higher back but it is not very stable which can make your toddler a bit anxious about using it. The smart potty with its rubberized bottom makes it very stable and gives your child that much needed comfort.

The Baby Bjorn Potty seat for potty/ toilet training

Let’s face it getting your child potty/toilet trained is quite the daunting task, it has its ups and downs like a roller coaster but that doesn’t mean you should lose sight of the bigger picture. The key to success is keeping your eye on the prize being consistent is the only way.

Speaking of getting your child on their road to independence, it would make perfect sense to get your child to get used to using the real toilet as soon as possible. Those small potty training chair that are placed on the floor can be quite convenient for both you and your toddler but you have to forego them at some point in time if you want to get your child into the bathroom to sit on that grown up toilet.

With all that said, the is an easy way towards all this. Find a lovely yet comfortable toilet seat for your toddler that you can put directly onto the toilet, be sure to choose one that has some stability to it, you don’t want something that will wobble because that will just get your child all worried about falling and make the entire process extremely uncomfortable.

Secondly you will need to make sure that this seat can fit most toilets so you can continue along with the training unhinged. You need the convenience of not having to get another toilet seat for when you make the visits to the grandparents house. You can find all of these things in the baby Bjorn toilet seat, this very seat is very easy to set up and comes with an adjustable dial that allows you to fit it onto any toilet. You and your child’s fear of wobbles can be thrown out the window here as this seat is as sturdy as they come!

It also comes with natural curves that can easily and comfortably fit your little tot’s bottom, it has that convenience cup in the front to catch any wayward streams of urine which makes it the perfect training potty training tool for baby boys. All you will need to add for extra comfort and convenience is a small stool at the foot of the toilet as a stepping form for your child to be able to reach the toilet with ease. You can choose any stool for this function but if you are the matching type then you can always get the Baby Bjorn safe step stool which is pretty cool!

All you need to know about the Baby Bjorn toilet trainer.

The baby Bjorn is the best thing that you can get for you and your toddler because it helps little tots learn how to use the toilet themselves. This toilet trainer is totally stable and ergonomic, it can fit onto any toilet so you don’t have to worry when you goon those visits to the grandparents. It’s super easy to attach even your toddler can do it for himself. Comes with soft rubber edges and has a splashguard added on it for convenience.

  • It is however not suitable for any children under the age of 2years, also you will need to make sure you are there to assist your child climb up and down the trainer until it is safe enough for him to do it on his own.
  • It has soft rubber edges that help keep it firmly in place so wobbles.
  • Comes with an angled splashguard that will make sure the are no wayward streams and everything just lands inside the bowl.
  • It is made of recycled material, so it plastic construction.
  • It is quite easy to clean up, just use soap and water.
  • measures approximately 14”L by 11.5” W by 3.5 H.
  • Weighs 0.88Ib.
  • It comes with a 2years warranty so you can always return it to the manufacturer for any faults or mishaps.
  • It is an import from Sweden where it is manufactured.
  • It is simple and elegant your toddler will absolutely love it.

The Baby Bjorn toilet trainer’s benefits and features;

Well you want to see your child off to self independence so why not do it in style and in a way that will be most comfortable for both you and your toddler. So why not get the Baby Bjorn toilet trainer, it is stable and ergonomic, easy to attach on the toilet. This toilet training seat has a rubber edging and an adjustable dial underneath to keep it firmly in place, and is very safe for your child to use. The seat is quite easy to clean and has a splashguard to prevent spills and splashes.

The benefits.

This seat is very comfy to sit on- The ergonomic design it has helps your child sit comfortably and correctly as it gently cups that little bottom just right.

It is quite easy to use so your training can go on unhinged- This lightweight toilet training seat is easy for you to attach on and off, even your your little tot can do it on their own without any assistance.

This seat can fit onto any toilet, so you don’t need to worry about when you go for any visit just pack it up and take it wherever.- This toilet training seat can be adjusted to fit most toilets and just rests securely without any problem.

It comes with a convenience feature called splashguard to prevent any spills- This inbuilt splashguard is angled inwards so you can be rest assured that the won’t be any streams of urine on your floors, it is the perfect tool for training your baby boy.

This training seat is super easy to clean up-all you do is just wipe it dry with your wet wipes or you can clean it with a soap and water or just put it under a running tap of water.

Comes with a practical handle- When not in use you can just hold it up and hang it on the wall with its handle, then bring it down when the need arises again.

It is made out of child friendly materials- The seat is made of BPA free plastic so you know that you are giving your child only the best that money can buy. Totally worth every penny!

All The Baby Bjorn smart potty chair reviews you may want to know about.

Before you rush out an buy the Baby Bjorn smart potty chair it is wise to first checkout its ratings so you know exactly what you are investing your money in.

It is an ergonomic, study attractive potty that gives your toddler great support

Ease of use- 5 stars                         Design and make- 5stars

Effectiveness- 5stars                       Durability- 5stars

Ease of cleansing -5stars               Worth every penny- 4stars

Its Pros are; It is ergonomic- Has a high back and wide legs. Comes with a non slip rubber rim on the base to help prevent it from being topple over or kick out of place. This potty training seat comes with a convenience function against spills or splashes, this feature is called a splashguard.

The Cons are; It is way bigger than any other potty so it may be a bit of a struggle to store it if you have a small bathroom. It is slightly more expensive compared to your average potty. Because of its large size you may need to invest in another potty if you want to carry it with you on any visits. It is an import so you may need to go on line to secure one for yourself.

So there you have it the bjorn smart potty is stylish and comes in a variety of colors. Although it is larger than your average potty, this potty is robust enough to accommodate bigger kids without the fear of them toppling it over.

Available from it is actually a good buy if you are looking for good quality potty training equipment.

The baby Bjorn children bathroom essentials are meant to help both you and your child successfully transition from diaper to potty to toilet seat. With a wide selection of products to choose from such as potties, toilet seat trainers and step stools you can rest assured that your potty training exercise can be safe and comfortable.

The baby bjorn toilet training seat is sturdy comfortable and secure, it is lightweight and super easy to use your own toddler can fit onto the toilet seat for himself without any assistance from you. It is perfect for older children because they can hop on and off by themselves unaided thanks to the clever design it comes with, but then off course it is always advisable to be by your child’s side until he or she is old enough to climb on and off the toilet for themselves.

All Bjorn baby essentials are child friendly as they meet all the plastic safety standards in both Europe and the USA. What this means it that all the plastics are continually and rigorously being tested for bisphenol a (BPA) and health hazardous substances until they are certified safe enough food. Which is what is very important to any parent on this planet earth.

These products are built to be durable and super safe for any child to use with or without their parents.

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