The Best Potty Chairs for Your Potty Training Toddler Girl.

Last Updated on February 22, 2021

Are do itching to get your bambino out of diapers and onto a potty? Great stuff. All you will need is an awesome potty training game plan, bucket loads of patience and the perfect gear. Well as you know that getting the perfect training gear whether a potty chair or a potty seat all that is important is your child’s comfort, confidence and ultimately leading you both you and your child to success.

So here is all you will need to know to make the right potty pick.

What to choose between a training potty chair or training potty seat?

If your little princess is under the age of 3years then it is most probably best to go with a training potty chair. This potty chair sits flatly on the floor, making it super easy for your child to access it independently. The best potty chair for you to use should be one that has an inner basin with a splash guard that can easily be removed and emptied out too.

The only downside to this is that you will have to empty and clean the basin after each and every use. This unwanted chore can only be avoided when you choose a training potty seat that only because it sit directly on top of your existing toilet seat so cleaning up is as easy as a flush away. As easy as this option can be though, because we we’re dealing with a toddler here you will need to invest in a stepstool to put at the foot of the toilet so your child may be able to climb up and down the toilet.

But it wouldn’t be such a horrible thing to have both, seeing that your little one is growing too, you can of course start her of with the potty chair then as she gets older you can then move her onto the potty seat. Having said all that, before you run out and make your first purchase of that coveted potty chair for your little princess take a bit of time out check out our favorite picks to help you make that all important choice. From the pretty in pink potty chairs to the cushioned potty seats we have a vast selection that will please even the most persnickety of tiny bottoms.

This potty chair resembles an actual toilet making it the best potty training tool to make that transition from diapers to toileting a whole smoother and easier. This toddler potty looks like a shrunken porcelain toilet and come complete with a toilet handle that makes a flushing sound when pressed down, what’s even more awesome is that it comes a built in top of the tank wipes compartment plus the removable splash guard which helps to keep things all clean and neat. And it retails for $25 at Walmart.

This is a classic potty chair because of its unfussy and ergonomic design. comes in nine vibrant colors and parks pretty in every bathroom. Your daughter will love it high back and arm rests, it is super easy to clean and super durable so you can easily pass it down to the next sibling when that time comes. This one retails for $14 at

This potty is very sleek yet practical too, this potty sports a sensible hovercraft like design with a seamless built in splash guard. The removable basin is deep and smooth which allows for easy cleaning. It is sturdy with a non slip base to protect against any messy tipping over. This potty retails for $30 at

If you are an avid lover of super cute products with multiple purposes then you will love this little beauty. Unlike most 2in 1 potty training toilets the sBUBS 2 in 1 potty chair doesn’t convert into a stepstool but instead it turns into a regular kid size chair that can be used in the playroom, living room or any where else that you would like to put in. It has that high back which your daughter will love and enjoy to use because of its comfort, it has an inner basin which super easy to clean plus it comes in catchy colors like pink, blue and green. This potty retails at $14 at

This perfect because it will actually grow up with your child as you can adjust this seat to two different heights and for your little princess’s comfort it comes with a high back to rest on plus handles to help your missy get up and down independently and will help build her confidence as she journeys along into her independence. This fisher price custom comfy potty retails for $20 at

You need to keep your daughter entertained all through out the training process otherwise she may become resistant to the process. So why not get here this neon egg shaped training potty. Your princess will just absolutely adore its cartoony design and colors and you mom will love its non splash design and potty lid. You can get this lil jumbl baby egg potty with a lid at Walmart and it retails at $20.

This ubbi 3 in 1 potty is a multi use training potty that offers a great bang for your buck. You get not just a potty  but a potty seat and a sleek stepstool as well. This training potty features a deep bowl to counter splashback and intergreted handles to secure it to most standard toilets. And finally the step stool sports a cool design made from non slip rubber. So how cool is that!

This squishy anti slip foam is the best toilet seat that you can find on the market because of its comfort, this little beauty can convert any cold porcelain toilet into a warm and cozy spot to sit on for your little princess to make that tinkle. while most toilet seats lie very flat on the toilet seat this one has a high molded back and sides that will ensure that your little missy sits securely on it. The Dreambaby Soft Touch potty seat retails at $14 from

The weePOD Toilet Trainer is probably one if the most stable and easy to use potty training seat around and available for retail. This one comes with secure grip handles on either side so your little one can hop on and off all by themselves. It comes in 4 iridescent colors and it retails for just $15 at

This is the ideal potty training seat if space in your bathroom is a challenge and therefore you don’t want to get it all clustered with all these different baby products. The summer infant 2 in 1 toilet trainer seat is meant just for that, to save you space!

All you will need to do here is just to simply replace your regular toilet seat and lid with this one which is ideal for both you and your little princess. This seat comes with both the adult seat and the little one especially designed for little kids like your own. All you do when using it is to flip to the desired size then you can carry on with your business. This toilet seat is available for retail at $20 at So there you have it mom you have a wide selection from which to choose to get your little princess ready for her road to adulthood.

And ultimately freeing yourself from the tyranny of diapers. You don’t necessarily have to spend a small fortune on getting your little one potty trained but you will need to choose some gear that your child will be comfortable in, but don’t forget to rope in the fun factor otherwise your little one may not want to use it.

It may be a good idea to taking her along on the trip for shopping for her essentials just as a way of motivating her to stick with the potty training regime.


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