The Best 10 Potty training reward ideas online

Last Updated on July 24, 2020

This is part of a series on tips for potty training boys. There are many potty training reward ideas that can make the potty training easier and help you overcome some potty training boys problems. Potty training rewards encourage your boy to stop wetting his diaper or delaying bowel movement. Rewards are also the best strategy to treat potty training resistance. The following are some of the best potty training boys rewards ideas:

1. Weekend tours

Taking your son out on a weekend is a good way to reward his cooperation during potty training. Take him to the zoo, the park or a fun weekend for children. Promise to do this every time he successfully uses the potty for five consecutive days or more.

2. Video games

There is no gift that can rewards boys better than video games. Video games are given to congratulate boys for achieving something, and to encourage them to aim higher next time. If he used the potty for five days, encourage him to use it for an entire week. Give him a target and once he achieves it, by him games. Games are usually sold online, and you can get games for children between 2-6 years with ease. There is a wide variety of these games, so make sure you choose the most appropriate for your boy.

3. Potty Training Reward Charts ideas

Charts are among the most efficient learning aids for pre-scholars. There are charts that are specifically made to reward your boy during potty training. You can buy them or make them at home, and then place them at the room where the potty seat is. Encourage your son to fill the chart every time he uses the potty. Most boys love doing this, and you will find that he is very motivated to use the potty even when he is not pressed.

4. Potty Training Trophy

Trophies have been used for ages to reward sports champions. Show your son the champion in him by buying him a trophy to alternate with other prizes for completing the potty training successfully. You can buy a trophy once every month and let the boy keep it in his room as a sign of his achievement. Find a masculine but lovely trophy that your boy will love to hold so that it can motivate him to use the potty appropriately.

5. Painting book

All children love painting, and so you can make this activity a favorite hobby for your boy for using the potty well. Let him paint one picture after using the potty and this will soon develop into a routine task. Remember to clap for him or pat his back every time he paints well to show that you recognize and appreciate his effort.

6. Potty Training Certificate

Most boys receive the first certificate when they are graduating from pre-school, but you can give your boy the privilege of holding and owning a certificate after potty training. As soon as he graduates from diapers to regular underwear, give him a certificate. Add decorations and engrave his name inside, then present it to him. You can frame it and help him hang it on the wall of his room, so that it can remind him of his first achievement.

7. DVD for potty training

Watching videos is the best pastime for most boys, and your boy can even overcome the fear of the potty seat by watching a DVD as he moves his bowel. Install a DVD player at a strategic position so that your boy can watch some tutorials as he moves his bowel. There are many DVD tutorials for potty training that you can buy for your son. He will be able to practice some of the techniques suggested as he uses the potty. Alternatively, you can install the DVD player in his study room and invite his friends so that they can watch together and learn together. He will be motivated to visit the bathroom in order to practice what he saw on the DVD.

8. Cash Incentive

Everybody loves money, and your boy is no exception. Keep a cash box near the potty seat and drop a few coins inside every time your boy uses the potty. Let him learn that the cash box is his bank, and the more he uses the potty, the more money he is likely to gather. When the money has accumulated, encourage him to buy toys or anything else that he fancies.

9. Simple Praise

Most kids don’t need a lot to impress them. Just taking time to praise them for a “job well done” after using the potty will suffice. It’s also just how you give the praise. You can dance around in an animated format, create a special song for him, or dance in celebration. All this making him realize that your excitement comes from the fact that he used a potty and you are so proud of him.

10. Other Potty training Reward ideas

Other popular potty training reward ideas include candies, artificial tattoos, puppets and sticker. Just discover what your boy loves most, and give it to him as a potty training reward. However, remember that you should never make your boy over dependent on rewards. Use them carefully so that he continues using the potty even when there is no reward.

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