The Elmo Potty Chair.

Last Updated on March 20, 2021

Now that you are ready to move your child out of the tyranny of diapers and into the freedom and independence of toileting, you will need proper training gear to get on with your regime. There are plenty of options out there that you can choose from but the key is to find something that your child will be comfortable with and will enjoy using so they stay on course.

One such good product is the Sesame street Elmo Hooray potty chair, suitable for both boys and girls it is a 3 in 1 product. Toilet trainer, potty chair and stepstool as well with a removable waste cup, pretend flush handle that makes encouraging sounds from the be lovable sesame street character Elmo. It comes in a jazzy bright blue color which appeals to most children.

More about the Elmo potty chair, all you need to know about it.

It is a 3 in 1 design so you are rest assured that you are getting good value for your money, this design includes a potty chair, a toilet trainer and a stepstool. Your toddler will love this, it child sized potty chair design will make your little one feel all grown up.

The amazing pretend flush handle that has in built sounds will ensure that your child stays entertained all through his potty training times. The pretend flush handle that moves up and down plays fun Elmo phrases and flush sounds, it has a volume switch with on and off low or high settings which require 2AA batteries to operate.

This lovely potty chair comes with a deflector shield which will help to manage any messes that may happen, has built in hold on handles for extra support for your child to feel secure at every bathroom visit. So it really is a great product for both you and your child.

It is super easy to clean, so you will be spending a fraction of the time cleaning up. The Elmo potty chair has a removable waste up which you can pull out after every potty visit after your child has used. Making it perfect for your cleanups.


It is a product you will be using for a long period because when your child graduates from the potty chair and onto the real toilet you can then convert the Elmo potty chair in a stepstool at the foot of the toilet to help your child climb up and down the toilet independently with ease. It is very strong and sturdy so you need not worry about any safety issues as your child will be pretty safe. 

This potty chair is best suitable for children 18months and over, it can carry a weight load of up to 40IB so you know that when you invest in this product your child can use it up until he or she completes their toilet training without you having to return to the store to buy another product to help you complete your training regime. It is all plastic but child friendly materials go into its manufacture so rest assured you will be giving your child nothing but the best.

This potty includes a toilet trainer with a deflector shield and built in handles which makes it all perfect for when you child is ready to transition from potty to toileting, the one hand removal feature that comes with this potty just makes it super easy to install and remove plus it fits most regular toilets too.

The elmo potty stands at 6.25” which means it is not too bulky for your bathroom and won’t take up too much of your bathroom space. This product is shipped directly from China but replacement parts are available for you to purchase online should the need arise.

To ensure that this potty is properly assembled, the waste tub would have to be inserted first then you will need t align the seat onto the base by inserting the four tabs into the holes but an instruction manual is provided in the box at purchase to help you get started.

It is so amazingly cute and interactive potty chair all kids absolutely love it, potty times couldn’t be more fun for your child with those Elmo phrases that this potty chair comes with.

It really helps your child to get that sense of being a grown with his or her own toilet, because it comes with that flush feature that the child can use after every bathroom visit. So having this potty can help keep you child on course because it bring in that fun element for potty times. And let’s face kids are easily bored with basic routine all the time so spice things up is all you need to ensure your child completes their potty training course.

You will need to be a little more careful when using it boys because it can tend to leak a little not properly used. When your son sits down to use it make sure that he moves on further towards the back of the potty chair so you can eliminate any leaks that may happen from time to time.

This potty resonates very well with kids because of it cartoon looking nature and the Elmo character is very little toddlers favorite cartoon character which they know from tv.  This amazing potty chair retails for about $25.86 at any Walmart store countrywide but you can also purchase it online via

It would be advisable to purchase it from the Walmart as it comes with a warranty so in case you need to have any repairs or parts that need to be replaced then you can always take advantage of the warranty it comes with for such.

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