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Last Updated on February 22, 2021

Now that you are ready to pounce at the opportunity to start phasing out diapers. You do remember that the is no specific age at which you can start potty training and you have seen and observed that your child is now ready to take that big plunge towards giving your child that much needed independence.

Potty training is not the most exciting time in any parent’s life, you are guaranteed of big messes plus it can really put your patience to the test. But with a few good potty training tips and some assistance from encouraging potty training apps and equipment it can be quite a rewarding process for both you and your child.

So to get you started on your journey you will need to find the right equipment to help you along. Walmart offers a wide selection of chairs and seats to choose from for potty training. So you may just get a little flustered, worry not all you need to do is look out of the following aspects to help you choose the right potty chair for you and your child. You will need to consider it’s ease of use, it cleaning features ( you will have to choose a potty that is super easy to clean to help cut short your clean up hours) the overall design ( you will want to choose something that will certainly appeal to your toddler otherwise he/she wont want to use it) and lastly you will want to look at all the user feedback to able to make the right choice.


Other things to consider would be if you want to use a potty chair or potty seat. A potty chair is a a standalone unit, while the potty seat is a thing that you would put over the actual toilet you have in your bathroom. Your choice of course will be very much dependent on your child’s preference for an example if you child it a bit reluctant to use the adult size toilet you have in your bathroom then the potty chair would be your best bet.

Also the age of your child can also influence the choice you make between the 2. If your child is a bit older he/she may want to quickly want to achieve that big kid status so the potty seat is most probably what they would need.

But in all honesty your child will certainly learn how to use the toilet either way, what’s most important here is your comfort so before you make that choice consider these few matters such as how big your space is, what your cleaning preferences are i.e are you looking for something that will be low maintenance or you not fussy about any thing and lastly get something that will be easy to use to make the entire process a breeze for you to avoid getting flustered half through the process.

Other factors to fully consider are;

Where you will be conducting your training? In the beginning potty chairs are most popular when training your toddler because the bring in that flexibility function as you can move from room to room with the potty chair at your convenience.

Having said that this option of choice however doesn’t come with the convenience of folding and tucking away neatly for easy storage, so you will require a dedicated space for this until your child graduates to the next step which is using the toilet. Potty seats however sit right on top of your regular toilet seat to make it more toddler friendly. They are super easy to store away due their size most of then come with hooks or feet to ease the transition back to your normal sized toilet seat.  You will however need to budget some space for a little foot tool to help your toddler climb up and down the toilet safely.

Are you really prepared for all those clean ups, meaning emptying and cleaning the potty chair after every use? Potty chairs require bowl cleaning after each and every use.  While the potty seat have the benefit of using the existing household plumbing, making potty chair cleaning as easy as just a flush.

but if you want that distance between yourself and child’ bowel movement then the potty chair is your best bet. Pro tip; if your child’s preference leans towards the potty chair but you are not up for the bowl cleanups that come with every usage then you can invest in travel liners ( TidyTots Disposable Potty Chair Liners) for your at home potty chair. This make cleaning as easy as using a diaper. So take the hassle out of your potty cleanups with these liners.

Are youu really comfortable with your child sitting on the toilet? Well potty training is not just a milestone for your kiddo it is also about making an adjustment as a parent as well. However as time goes you too will be super thrilled at seeing your child use the toilet on their own waiting and calling on you when they are ready to be wiped. But if you are still very worried about your child being so high up off the ground plus fearing for them to lean over to reach for the toilet paper or wipes then you can get a chair attached on your toilet which is custom sized just for them to ease away all your toilet training nerves.

Alternatively you can just get child this potty chair from Summer Infants that comes with all the bells and whistles of an actual toilet.  Available from the Walmart. This mini toilet mimics a real toilet and actually comes with a pretend flusher too which makes a flushing sound when pushed. Making it the perfect potty training tool for your tot.

If bathroom and toileting issues are a big thing for you and your toddler then you can get much closer to an adult size toilet with this potty chair. You can get your child to feel that they are just a step away from big kid status with this beauty. The my size potty is super convenient because it comes with a splash guard that help to prevent any spills.

It punches a lot more convenience points with its built in wipe compartment and removable bowl for easy cleaning, although it has all these amazing features and its lightweight design, the chair’s size is way too clunky and bulky for you to carry it around for when you and your toddler to take with on trips and visits. So you will most definitely need to invest in another potty for whenever you make those trips to the grandparents.

Another good buy that you can get from the Walmart is the Lockig Children’s potty, this potty is very much comparable to the Baby Bjorn smart potty but available at only a fraction of the cost. It has a simple seat like design which most toddlers find quite inviting with the necessary functionality of a good potty chair. The detachable bowl makes it easy to clean after every use and most parents agree that the shape of the splash guard is very effective for both boys and girls. The chair has a non slip material along the bottom rim ensuring a scoot free bathroom experience. With a price tag of just 15$ it is a must have for any parent seeking to help their child along on their journey to independence.



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