Why Has My Child Started Wetting Himself Again?

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

It is very common for kids that are usually reliably dry and clean to start having weeing accidents, especially at Nursery or even Day care. Don’t panic and feel disappointed, there is a perfectly good explanation for this.

Here are some reasons why your little tot could be wetting his pants constantly these days;

The new routine that he has begun.

Remember your little one has just began going to nursery or daycare center, with this comes a lot of change that he still needs to adjust to such as the environment, new people and a new schedule of doing things. As exciting as it may be for him it can be quite overwhelming for him as well, as he gets tired and may forget to listen to the little signals that his body may be sending him about going to the toilet. The goods news is that he will resume his potty training skills once he becomes settled again in his new routine.

Finding a way to manage without you and your guidance can be a challenge at first.

You are no more there to remind him to take time out and go for a potty or toilet visit or to even act promptly if you see some desperation on his part, he is all on his own now. He is actually learning how to manage weeing independently for the very first time.

Speak with the nursery or daycare center caregivers about what their toileting policies are, do they give the children free  range on how to manage their toileting or is the a specific person there who is in charge of helping them with this.  Because let’s face it, once kids become to engrossed in any activity that they are busy with they lose all sight of the importance of taking time out to attend to a call of nature.

Having regular drinks.

You are away so the is nobody to say to the little one you have had x amount of drinks maybe its time for you to go pee now. Again you can speak with the caregivers to help prompt the little one along anytime the necessity arises.

The different other toilets may be a bit much for him.

Well we all have our preferences and most of us are most comfortable using our own toilets at home which we have adjusted to over the years.  your child is no different from you, ask the caregivers at the nursery or daycare center to allow you a tour visit of their restrooms so you may assess what could be there that is causing your little man to avoid going there.

Once you have assessed the situation have a comforting talk with your child and reassure him that the bathroom is not much different from the one you have in the house and that it is quite alright for him for him to use it when he has the urge to go. Tell him how this will help him overcome his accidents.

Him settling in to his new normal.

As time goes on and he becomes accustomed to his new surroundings the accidents will subside too. Don’t forget that his little body is maturing and so these accidents that happen are part and parcel of his new learning curve and are also a process of learning how to control and manage their little bladders. However if these accidents continue or get worse then they could be an indicator of a medical problem therefore you would need to take your little one to the doctor to get a full body examine in order for the doctor to give a diagnosis.

Physical reasons why your child is peeing his pants.

  • Check for any signs of a urinary tract infection, this is a fairly common infection can easily be cured by a good round of antibiotics. Kids suffering from this often urinate a lot which is another cause of accidents happening.
  • Does your child have any urinary tract deformities, have your doctor run a thorough examine to rule out any abnormalities that may be there. A sonogram can be done to diagnose if he bladder is able to completely empty out all urine.
  • Does the child have any spinal deformities, spinal abnormalities may counter the coordination between the bladder and muscles that control urination.
  • Get your child tested for diabetes, diabetes can cause a child to urinate more frequently than normal.
  • Your child could be suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) most children suffering from this disorder get so preoccupied that they forget to go the bathroom to relieve themselves. You need to be always there by your child side to remind him that he needs to take time out for a bathroom visit.
  • Check if your child is not autistic, children with autism often need more time training than normal children, so it could just be a case of your child not being ready.

How to manage your child wetting his pants

Here are some tips to help you manage your child that keeps peeing his pants.

  • Stay cool and calm and collected, don’t scold your child for any accident that may happen you don’t want them acting negatively.
  • Try to make a bathroom schedule that you can use to try to encourage your child at set times to take bathroom breaks in between his activities.
  • Teach your child to always take his time in the bathroom so that you can be sure he that he has completely emptied his entire bladder.
  • Always make sure that you provide your child with a healthy an balanced diet with plenty fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and also encourage your little one to stay active at all times.
  • Try to limit their soda and other beverages, especially caffeinated drinks as they increase the production of urine and make the bladder super active.
  • Speak to the school’s caregivers and ask that they allow your child sufficient bathroom breaks whenever the need arises.
  • Remember stress is very contagious so try to be as stress free as possible so your child doesn’t pick it up too. Stress will only make your child’s wetting problem even worse.




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